Outreach is the work we do to reach and care for the community around us. We realize that in Waseca and the surrounding area there are many people who have very real physical needs, we also know that there are many people who dont know Jesus. The work we do through Outreach is one of the ways we attempt to meet these needs. Our outreach activities include:

Bed Kits:   We pack bed kits with a set of sheets, a pillow, and a set of towels. They are taken to the Waseca Area Neighborhood Service Center (WANSC) for distribution to families on an as-needed basis.

Food Shelf:  We collect food or money for the Food Shelf during the month of February.   We encourage donations of money because, in March, additional funds are available, based on the amount donated. Also, Food Shelf staff are able to buy more efficiently.        

Spring Activity:  Activities may range from small concerts, by local talent, to  appearances by well-known regional artists.

Yarn Collection:  Yarn is collected by our congregation, to be donated to the Federal Correctional Institution, for use by the inmates.

Greeters:   Greeters may be the first contact with a new person coming into our church. 

Celebrate the Gift:  It’s an opportunity to present the gospel, in a non-threatening way, in a beautiful setting.  Women from the community are invited to join us for a special night to set the stage for the birth of Christ.

Also offering fun events throughout the year where people can learn about Jesus and what he did for them on the cross.

We believe we have been called to be salt & light” to our community. Outreach is one of the ways that we do this, it is the third step on our Disciple-Making Pathway of Loving Others as Ourselves.