Small Groups


Small Groups

We believe one of the best ways you can get involved in the church and one of the best ways you can continue to grow in your relationship with God is by getting involved in a small group.

We believe that the Christian life was designed to be lived out in community. To that end we believe that being a part of a small, caring group of believers is where we can best learn about Gods love, expressed in his Word, discuss its application in our lives and in the lives of the other members of the small group, pray for one another and rejoice in the answers to those prayers, and in tangible ways Experience Gods Word in Action. We call many of these groups Life Groups and we strongly encourage everyone to be part of a small group.  

Some small groups are designed just for men, or just for women, or for couples, or for college aged, or just for moms. Some are aligned by age, others by a person's stage of life. Some groups have met together for many years, while others come together to study and discuss a particular topic for a short time. Click below to ask what might be available to align with your desires for a small group.