Hey 7th-12th graders! You’ve come to the right place! Let me introduce you to something we know you’ll really like!

Wednesday Night 20/20

That’s right. A student ministry designed with you in mind! How’s that you ask? Let me tell you what we value:

  1. Real, Rock-solid Relationships

We here at Christ Community Church genuinely care about you and what’s going on in your life! We don’t expect you to be perfect because we aren’t either! We invite you to come as you are and we’ll build relationships with each other and other students.

  1. Creative Bible Teaching

We happen to think that the Bible is the most incredible book ever written! It is our goal to experience God’s Word in action each week and help you apply its words to your everyday life.

  1. Fun!

We think if you can have fun at church, you can't wait to come back! And we know you’ll have fun each week as you realize adults care about you and you learn about Jesus, who loves you and died on a cross to bring you back to God. There’s no greater place to be!