2018 Table Decorators Sign-up


2018 Table Decorators Sign-up

Celebrate The Gift Women’s Candlelight Dinner
Christ Community Church November 30, December 1, 2


Celebrate the Gift is an event to share with women the truth and salvation of Jesus Christ through love in a non-threatening environment. Through prayer, it is our desire that individual lives would be encouraged, inspired and transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Please join us in this prayer.

If you are interested in decorating a table for any night of the Celebrate the Gift event, please contact the church office by email at

 Decorator Information

Table#_______ Night(s) decorating: ___Friday ___Saturday ___Sunday

 Hostess Contacts

  • Sue Vigstol 612 760 1061,
  • Theresa de Jager 507 213 8627,

 General information

Decorators may purchase tickets for their table(s) online.  You can also contact Theresa (507 213 8627), Sue (612 760 1061) or Dar (507 835 2101) for ticket sales.  If you don't purchase all the tickets at your table, the open seats will be available for anyone else to purchase online after October 15th.  Please ask us for help if buying tickets online is a problem for you.

 Ticket sales end 48 hours before each night of the event.

  • Go onto the church website at to purchase tickets.  Select Celebrate the Gift (right side on screen), select "buy tickets", and scroll down to purchase tickets ($15/ticket).
  • We encourage you to decorate all 3 nights, even though you might only be attending one night.  If you are willing to decorate for all 3 nights, please let us know and we will find a hostess to take care of your table (clean etc) for the nights you are not attending.
  • All Saturday decorators are asked to leave only a tablecloth and centerpiece on their table for Sunday morning service.  Immediately following the service, everything must be removed if someone else is decorating the table for Sunday night.  Let us know if this will be a problem.
  • If you would like some help with decorating ideas or how-to’s, contact Sue 612 760 1061 or Theresa 507 213 8627.

 Table information

  • There are two table sizes – 8’ X 30" rectangle or 60” round. Rectangle tables seat 8, round tables seat 7.
  • Provide your own table cloth napkins etc.  White tablecloths are available to purchase for $5 by checking the box on the sign-up sheet. The table cloth will be yours to keep.

 CANDLELIGHT!! Candlelight is an important component of your decorating since lighting in the room is minimal.  Fire code states that the candles must be contained in a votive or hurricane glass with no flame above the top edge of the glass.  Plan your decorations so there is no danger of something catching fire.  Please be sensitive to allergies and refrain from using scented candles.  Some women use strings of lights.  Choose a table near an outlet and plan to bring an extension cord and duct tape to cover cords if you use electricity.

  • Please don't use glitter or table confetti!  It falls on the floor and is very hard to vacuum up.
  • There is only one sink in the kitchen, so please bring a small dish pan and towel for table cleanup.
  • There will be a place to store your boxes/totes in the church, please ask a hostess where to store boxes/totes the day you decorate

 Set up

Tables must be ready no later than 5:00 p.m. each night.  These are times when you may start decorating:                                                                                     

Thursday beginning at 5pm,

Friday beginning at 9am,

Saturday beginning at 9:00am (Reminder: leave only a tablecloth and centerpiece after Saturday night).   Sunday beginning at 1:00pm (after church, or when table is cleared by previous decorator.

Table place settings

This is a checklist to help you remember everything you need to decorate your table:

___ Dinner plate (food will be served on a plastic plate that will be placed on top of your decorative plate)

___ Cup and saucer (or mug)

___ Water glass

___ Silverware: knife, fork, spoon, dessert fork (optional).  Silverware remains on your table

___ Napkins

___ Salt and pepper shakers

___ Sugar bowl

___ Cream pitcher/powdered creamer/individual creamer.  Sugar and regular creamer are available in the kitchen for your use.  The men will fill the cream pitchers and sugar bowl (if they are empty) after lighting the candles.

___ Pitcher for water

___ Coffee carafe. Coffee is provided with the meal.  Each coffee carafe will be marked with your table number.  Hot water for tea is available if you bring your own tea bags.  We will give you a tag that indicates hot water so the men don't fill the carafe with coffee.  You can do both tea and coffee if you bring 2 carafes. Hot cider will be provided in the entry way before the meal.

___ Filled nut cups or individual appetizers (a snack mix will be provided)

___ Programs, comment cards and pencils to place on your table (hostesses will give you these when you arrive to decorate)

___ Your decorative items, table cloth, candles, etc

 Night of the event

5:30 pm Men will light table candles and fill cream pitchers on the tables

6:00-6:30 pm Viewing of the tables

6:30 pm Dinner will be served by men of the church

Dessert will be served after the guest speaker to give the women time to discuss the evening and fill out a short evaluation.

The MC will provide guests with additional information about the evening and encourage them to introduce themselves.  We ask hostesses to facilitate positive conversation at their tables and encourage everyone to complete a comment card.

Clean up

Everything will need to be removed by 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning. Assistance with cleanup on Monday morning is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!  For your prayers and your time and effort as you give the gift of hospitality in Jesus’ name.  This special event could not take place without each one of you!  Praise God for the Spirit's work in women's lives because of this event!